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Brick Roman Axe

Brick Roman Axe

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Introducing the Plastic Mold for Roman Axe Brick Veneer, a versatile tool tailored for plaster mixes, designed to simplify your production process while ensuring outstanding results.

With approximate dimensions of 42cm x 22cm x 1cm and a HIPS plastic thickness of 1mm, this mold offers durability and flexibility in equal measure. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance, while its flexibility facilitates effortless demolding, enhancing efficiency in your workflow.

The brick size produced by this mold measures 18.5cm x 4.5cm x 1.2cm, offering a distinctive Roman Axe Brick Veneer aesthetic that adds character and charm to any project.

Each mold requires approximately 450-550 grams of plaster per use, optimizing material usage and minimizing waste, thus enhancing cost-effectiveness in your production endeavors.

Experience the convenience and versatility of the Plastic Mold for Roman Axe Brick Veneer, perfect for elevating your interior or exterior spaces with timeless elegance and sophistication.
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